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Check out our KEN and DerDieDas-app Tutorials! We will walk you through our apps and introduce features like rule tips and show you how to use favorites and analyze chapters

How to submit App Feature Requests?

First of all, we want to thank you for using our apps. We regularly get requests if we can add new features to our apps, like adding your own words. To avoid multiple requests and to find out which feature is most in demand, we have created a small survey on our Facebook page. There you can see all current requests, vote which feature should be developed next and create new requests.

How to report Bugs and Mistakes?

Despite careful control it can happen again and again that something does not work or a wrong result is displayed. We correct all errors promptly and inform you as soon as everything works again and is correct. Under the menu item Feautures you will find a link to our word lists to check if the error has already been corrected. If not, you can create a comment in the table or send us an email. Further information, links and contact details can be found under Feedback.

How do the statistics work?

The statistics for the chapters on the menu tiles show your results of the last week. We are working on more comprehensive statistics and hope to publish them in the first quarter of 2019. With the help of the list view you can analyze which words are often done wrong. We will inform you about Instagram as soon as more features are available.

Why do I see advertisements and how can I remove them?

As explained in the following menu item, we developed our apps in our spare time. The initial idea was to train the German articles with a small app in a playful way in order to convey a feeling for the right article in addition to the sporadic rules. We show advertisements in our apps to finance the costs for our website and the store fees and to promote our apps. You can remove the ads via in-app-purchase to help us finance running costs and develop additional features. If you reinstall the app you can remove the advertisement again by clicking „Restore purchases“.

Who is Super-Crab?

Our apps were developed by a small, three-man team. As former colleagues, we worked together in a Berlin agency for more than five years to develop countless apps for clients such as Deutsche Telekom, the Otto Group, the Eismann and many Berlin-based companies and start-ups. In our spare time we have developed a small app to train the German articles. Motivated by the positive feedback, we decided to expand the functionality and publish new content and further apps in 2019, in addition to the release of a second app (KEN konjugieren deutscher Verben). Update News can be found on our Facebook page or at Instagram, more information about us can be found on LinkedIn.

Dennis Rieth (UI/UX Designer) LinkedIn

Konstantin Deichmann (App Developer) LinkedIn

Tim Freiheit (App Developer)

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