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report a bug

Report a bug

Despite the greatest care it can happen that our app does not work correctly on some devices. If you can’t use some functions, can’t download chapters or your app doesn’t react anymore send us a message with the subject „App Bug“ and some details about your phone (OS + Version, Manufacturer). We will let you know as soon as we know how to fix the problem.

You discovered a mistake in our exercises (wrong translation, wrong answer, …)? Send us a message or comment the error in our list (Public Google Spreadsheet). The corrections will be checked and added to our App list as soon as possible, thanks for reporting!

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Feature Request

You can explore our open feature requests, vote for your favorite request and add new requests to our List on Facebook!

rate our apps

Rate our Apps

Our Apps got developed by a small team during our free time. Please support our Apps with a good rating to ensure further development. You can submit mistakes and bugs by using links links above (Report a Bug / Mistake). Thanks for using our Apps!

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